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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello sweet blogger friends! Today is the last day of my Spring Break vacation! BOO! I do miss my precious, little first graders though and I can't believe we have less than 2 months until summer vacation! WOW! My first year of teaching has FLOWN by and I have been so blessed by each child in my classroom. was our vacation! 

For Christmas, Ryan surprised me with a Spring Break trip to the same place where we had our honeymoon! Wahoo! When we went to our room, it was the SAME room we had stayed in during our honeymoon! So cool! 
Here's a quick review of our Spring Break in Destin, Florida. (My favorite place on the planet)

Everyday they had a happy hour from 4-5 with free drinks. Ryan and I would get strawberry margaritas and sit on this swing :) It was my favorite part of the day! 

One day when we were sitting on the swing, I felt something hit my leg. I looked down and....I had gotten POOPED on by a bird! YUCK! Oh well, at least it wasn't in my strawberry margarita ;) 

After going through my pictures, I realized I had more pictures of FOOD than US! What can I say? We like to EAT! So here are some of our favorite restaurants and foods in Destin. 

Crab cakes at The Crap Trap

Fried Shrimp at The Back Porch
The view from the back of The Back Porch restaurant

Garlic Breadsticks from Fat Clemenza's 

When you are SICK of seafood, check out this place: Fat Clemenza's. It is an incredible Italian restaurant in a strip mall (yes, you heard that right!) This is our favorite place to eat in Destin! Get ready to drool.......

Stuffed Shells from Fat Clemenza's 


Ryan got the Chicken Parmesan from Fat Clemenza's 
(And his AFTER picture would have looked the same!)

Another great place to eat in Destin is Jordano's Pizza. My family has been going there for years, and you may feel like you weigh 300 pounds when you leave, BUT it is SO WORTH IT

Our last night we decided to take it easy and order pizza and breadsticks. It was a good, great decision. 

Look at all that grease.....YIKES! That means its extra good! 

Here are some more pictures from our vacation! 

Going shopping and rockin' my new jumpsuit and extensions! 

Before dinner at The Crap Trap

Love this redhead! 

The view from our deck at our hotel room! What a wonderful way to wake up each morning :)

Bye y'all! Do you feel like you need to go work out now?!?! Ha! Don't worry, there aren't any calories just looking at the pictures!

Love you favorite blog readers!



Kristin said...

what a fun trip! love the pics!

Chuck Stevens said...

I keep hearing great things about Destin and it definitely seems like a place my fiance and I will be taking a trip to soon. She is a teacher also so we are probably going to go during her spring break later in March. Every blog I find about the place has a ton of pictures, so it definitely seems like the place to be. I keep seeing great stuff about the Back Porch restaurant, we'll definitely have to check it out while we are there. Just need to pick one of these Destin vacation rentals and book the trip!