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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marci got MARRIED!

 Hello sweet blogger friends! February has been a busy, but blessed month! 

(Senior year 2005)

(9th grade basketball 2001)

Today I am going to share with you the wedding of one of my hometown friends, Marci Jo Morgan. We have been friends for over 20 years! She has always been someone who can make me laugh! Don't you love friends like that?
Marci and I went through many things together: basketball and swim teams, the middle school overweight elastic pants phase, braces, soccer and softball teams, birthdays, proms, etc. I just love her, and I am so happy she has found her prince charming (Hudgens Jeter).

Here is a photo review of her blessed day :) Congrats MJM I love you!

Rehearsal Dinner pics: 

Joy and Marci

The four of us: Leah, Marci, Me, and Christine
(I love these girls so much!) 

Marci's Bridal Luncheon

I loved the heart shaped biscuits! (Ain't nothin' beats a homemade biscuit!)

The pretty bride! Only a few hours away from being Mrs. Hudgens Jeter :) 

The beautiful bride! 

Our bridesmaids gifts! Love them! 

Time to get dressed!

Leah and me (I love Floyd!)

She is a stunning bride! Love her dress! (PS the brooch on the bow of her dress was the gift I gave her for being my bridesmaid in May :) awwww)

The gorgeous programs

Emily was an awesome Maid of Honor/sister! Her wedding is coming up soon too! Bless their dad's heart and wallet ;) 

The Morgan ladies! Beautiful as always! 

Christine Grosso and myself right before the ceremony!

The Reception

Her cake was gorgeous! I loved the "J" on the top!

How awesome is the groom's cake? It fits him perfectly! 

Look at that stud muffin! He cleans up well ;) 

A BIG congratulations to Marci and Hudgens! Love y'all! Thank you so much for letting me share a small part in your special day :) 

Love you favorite blog readers! 


Miss V said...

Wow gorgeous bride and I am in LOVE with the bridesmaids dresses where are they from and who makes them?? Hope all is well pretty lady! xo

Morgan Pate said...

Thanks for the post! I hate that I missed the wedding, my mom said it was very nice.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your wedding dress . Can you tell me who makes it? thanks

Kristin said...

glad you are back, missed ya! what a gorgeous bride your friend was!